Baseball Weekend in Hot Springs

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Descendants of Babe Ruth will be in Hot Springs in March for the dedication of the final two markers in the Hot Springs Historic Baseball Trail that traces the birthplace of baseball spring training in the Spa City. The two-day celebration, which also will feature baseball legends Ferguson Jenkins and Al Hrabosky, will be held … Read More

Downtown Update: January 19

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  The first new business to open in 2018 is the highly anticipated Grateful Head Pizza Oven & Beer Garden at 100 Exchange Street! I know you’ve been dying to see inside this unique property and check out the new outdoor patio, so drop by soon for a good time!         The … Read More

Low Key Hosts Prom

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It’s not often that life gives you a do-over, but Low Key Arts is doing just that! Re-live prom and live it up with a fun fundraiser coming up this month. In an interview with the Democrat-Gazette, executive director Sonny Kay plays up the authenticity of the event. “We really want it to feel like … Read More

Downtown Update: January 12

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This edition features a 2017 recap of the massive growth in Downtown Hot Springs! If you know someone who would like to receive this weekly email, please forward it to them. Anyone can subscribe by clicking here. A record high number of new businesses opened downtown in 2017. We saw 41 new businesses open if you can believe it! If … Read More

Talk Derby to Me

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Move over Arkansas Derby! We’ve got dolls rolling through! Did you know that Hot Springs is home to more than one kind of derby? We have our very own roller derby league! Downtown Derby Dolls is a non-profit Roller Derby League started in Hot Springs by Jacilyn Pierce, Lauren Styles, and Toni Willis in 2017. … Read More

Racing Returns to Hot Springs

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Even if your ponies don’t win, Downtown is the place to show you a good time. (See what we did there?) We’ve been there. The thundering hooves, the cheering, the wild names — races at Oaklawn have a way of getting your adrenaline going long after the finish line is crossed. So what are you … Read More

Community Leaders’ “Resolutions”

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Well, folks, 2018 is officially underway! If you’re like us, you’re using the changing date to think about what changes you’d like to see in the year ahead. We’ve done some self-reflection and set personal goals for new adventures and better habits. Then again, why not use this time to think bigger! Recently, The Sentinel-Record … Read More

The Jewel of January: Arkansas Shorts

January 1, 2018By JudeaDowntown Association of Hot Springs, Events, Sidetown No Comments
Ah, January, full of cold, blustery weather and wind-nipped faces screwed up into shiny, determined, resolute expressions. It’s time for all that is new; a more adventurous, more healthy, well-rounded us. That’s the idea anyway, and while I’m sure your resolutions are incredibly important, they aren’t the only thing January brings us.  Arkansas Shorts: A … Read More